Thermocouples & Adaptors

We supply many different sizes and designs of Thermocouples & Resistance probes, ranging from simple surface mounted probes to complex bayonet assemblies.

All element types are available including Type ‘J’ (I/C), Type ‘K’ (C/A), Type ‘T’ (Cu/Con). 2, 3 & 4 wire PT100s. Electrically isolated, thermally insulated or duplex junctions can be specified.

Our Thermocouples can be supplied with various cable types such as Metal Braided or PTFE in almost any length. We supply a variety of plugs & sockets which can be fitted to each probe. In conjunction with bayonet designs we supply a large range of threaded adaptors (holders).

Terminal head assemblies, mineral insulated and melt pressure versions can also be manufactured.

To discuss your specific requirements please contact our sales team.

Technical Specification

  • Type ‘J’ temperature range of 0° to 750°C
  • Type ‘K’ temperature range of 0° to 1100°C
  • Type ‘T’ temperature range of -200° to 300°C
  • PT100 temperature range of -70° to 500°C

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