Barrel Heaters

Barrel Heaters

Our Mica & Ceramic Heater Bands are custom-made to include various holes or cutouts and threaded bridges to accommodate Thermocouples. Segmented designs and heaters in two or more sections are possible, as well as Heaters made with hinges or heat reflector shields. All voltage combinations including 3 phase can be manufactured.

Various termination options are available, such as terminal boxes, 2 pin or 3 pin sockets and various cable types can be fitted.

Both Mica & Ceramic Heater Bands can be supplied as a bank of heaters linked together. Typically, a terminal box spans one or more of the heaters. Banks generally comprise of 3 or 6 heaters, but any number can be joined together; certain parameters permitting.

We also supply heat-air cooler assemblies which come complete with cooling fans. These custom-built assemblies comprise of a separate steel casing which incorporates a flange mounting for either a single or double entry cooling fan. They also include a separate electrical connection box which a series of individual Mica or Ceramic heater bands are connected into.

Cast Aluminium & Cast Bronze versions of our range of Heater Bands are also available.

To discuss your specific requirements please contact our sales team.

Technical Specification


  • Maximum operating temperature of 300°C
  • Watts density: 30 watts/square inch (4.7 watts/square cm)


  • Maximum operating temperature of 450°C
  • Watts density: 45 watts/square inch (7.8 watts/square cm)

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