Plugs & Sockets

Plugs & Sockets

Our extensive range of heater plugs & sockets include 2 & 3 pin male & female varieties available with either Ceramic, Silicone Rubber or Plastic inserts in both straight and 90┬║ versions. A selection of multi-pin & industrial style designs can also be supplied.

Our comprehensive array of Thermocouple plugs & sockets can be supplied in a range of designs from the most common 2 pin versions to the Tuchel series. Corresponding panel mounted types and higher temperature versions of specific designs can also be supplied.

By request many of these plugs & sockets can be fitted to the appropriate heater or Thermocouple during the manufacturing process, to help speed up installation times.

Please refer to the data sheets below for more information on the above product, alternatively please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Technical Specification

Please refer to the data sheets section for more information.
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