Cast Heaters

Cast Heaters

Cast heaters are available in a variety of materials with the most common being Aluminium, and higher rated temperatures being Bronze, Iron or Brass. All cast heaters are custom-made to a variety of shapes, such as a barrel, flat plate or L form. All heaters can be made with cut outs, holes and threaded sections.

Cast Barrel Heaters are commonly supplied in heater/cooler combinations with either fins for air cooling or internal pipes for water/oil cooling. Cooling jackets can also be supplied without a heating element cast in.

All voltage combinations including 3 phase can be manufactured. Various wall thicknesses are possible, typically the minimum is 16mm. Various termination options are available such as sockets, IP rated terminal boxes or threaded post terminals.

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Technical Specification

Cast Aluminium

  • Maximum operating temperature of 400°C
  • Watts density: 30 watts/square inch (4.7 watts/square cm)

Cast Bronze

  • Maximum operating temperature of 650°C
  • Watts density: 45 watts/square inch (7.8 watts/square cm)

Data Sheets

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