Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses

We supply a wide range of heated hoses, used extensively with thermoplastic profile extrusion they are also used to heat glue, oil, grease, wax & other materials.


Hose lengths from 300mm to 50 metres can be produced, depending on bore size, which vary from 4mm up to 50mm. Consequently, pressure rating varies according to size. A wide selection of steel/stainless steel metric & imperial end fittings can be selected which include flat or conical connections. Outer material is typically a polyamide braiding, with other outer materials possible.


Supplied as standard at 230v with other voltages available, 1500mm leads are supplied with a built-in Type ‘J’ (Fe-CuNi) Thermocouple & fitted 7 pin DIN plug. Cable length, Thermocouple type & plug design can all be specified to customers’ requirements.


Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Technical Specification

  • Maximum operating temperature of 250°C
  • Maximum operating pressure is bore size dependant (refer to data sheet)
  • Minimum bend radius is bore size dependant (refer to data sheet)

Data Sheets
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