Nozzle Heaters

Nozzle Heaters

Our range of Mica Nozzle Heaters come in a variety of different designs. We also offer High Density Nozzle Heaters suitable for higher temperature materials.

Our Nozzle Heaters are supplied with either Glass Fibre or Metal Braided leads subject to design parameters. All designs can be supplied with almost any cable length, an integral Thermocouple, and a dedicated earth lead if required.

Additional options such as roller bolt clamps, holes, threaded bridges or cut-outs can be specified. Our Nozzle Heaters are usually produced as single phase, however other voltages can also be manufactured upon request.

To discuss your specific requirements please contact our sales team.

Technical Specification


  • Maximum continuous operating temperature of 300°C
  • Watts density: 35 watts/square inch (5.3 watts/square cm)

High Density

  • Maximum continuous operating temperature of 600°C
  • Watts density: 65 watts/square inch (10.0 watts/square cm)

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