Cables & Sundries

Cables & Sundries

We supply a variety of cables, eyelets, ceramic connector blocks & other sundry items which are used in conjunction with our Heaters & Thermocouples.


Our variety of heater cables include steel braided cable, armour conduit, silicone cables & glass fibre oversleeve available in numerous core & amperage sizes. By request many of the types of cable can be fitted to the appropriate heater during the manufacturing process to guarantee termination connections & to help speed up installation times.


The selection of Thermocouple cables include braided cable & PVC compensating cable in the main element types of ‘J’ (Fe-CuNi) & ‘K’ (NiCr-NiAl) other types are available upon request.


We supply a broad range of additional spare components such as eyelets, ceramic connector blocks & the scroll pins we use on our heating elements.


Please refer to the data sheets below for more information on these products, alternatively please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Technical Specification
Please refer to the data sheets below for more information.
Data Sheets
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