Insulation Jackets

Insulation Jackets

Each jacket is custom made and produced with cut-outs for terminal boxes and Thermocouples. We offer a choice of fastening methods of Velcro or cam & buckle straps to ensure ease of fitting and removal.

Insulation jackets reduce start up times, eliminate thermal drift caused by cold air, contribute to health & safety and reduce ambient temperatures to improve the working environment.

An additional benefit of using insulation jackets is that the silicone coated outer material helps to prolong Heater Band lifespan by preventing ingress of plastic material into the heater itself. Our jackets are manufactured to an overall thickness of approximately 30mm and designed to withstand temperatures of around 500ºC. All materials used for the manufacture of insulation jackets are non-flammable.

To discuss your specific requirements please contact our sales team.

Technical Specification

  • Maximum temperature rating of 500°C
  • Overall Thickness: 30mm (thinner wall versions available)

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